Prior to our Nationwide expansion, RBG was started in Northern California. We developed relationships with local distribution and these developed partnerships have allowed certain distributors to become our “Approved Distributors.”

Food, coffee and bread distributors who understand the importance of the day to day operations of the foodservice industry is a must. Taking a personal approach to your business and it’s needs is why we have partnered with these prominent approved distributors. They care about your business and it’s success.  Providing quality products and competitive pricing have place them in very competitive place without forfeiting. Not only are their staff members knowledgeable about the products they distribute, but they can work with you to perform cuttings and sample you products that are trending in the marketplace.

Majority of our vendors have websites. By selecting their logo below, a page with additional information will appear where you can find out more about our relationship with them and a little bit about them as a company. In this window you can also reach their website directly by simply clicking on their logo again. Don’t forget to visit our Benefits page to see what other offerings RBG has available.

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There’s been so much noise out there about deadlines that it’s making business owners think they’re too late to file, costing them thousands of dollars in much-needed (and deserved!) funds. With all this confusion getting in the way of the facts, we wanted to reach out today and clear the air.

Our partners at Adesso have confirmed that the filing period for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has been extended! So many of our members were told that they were too late to get those critical funds back, but now you can!

The filing period may have been extended, but that doesn’t mean it’s forever.


Take this as a sign that it’s time to get the money you’re owed from the federal government, even if you’ve already taken PPP loan funds. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll get your tax credit.


“Okay, but how much of a tax credit are we talking about here? I’m not going to waste my time on $50.”


It depends! The way we see it, you’ve got two options:

You could DIY it today and give it a go. Most businesses are eligible for $26,000 per W-2 employee. $26k isn’t too shabby.


You could work with our partner Adesso Capital and their team of CPAs who are ERC experts. Their clients receive an average return of $150,000, 20% more than those who go at it alone or with a CPA who isn’t a specialist in the ERC.

(There’s also the third option of doing nothing at all, but why wouldn’t you give this a go? It’s money you’re already owed!)

What could your business do with a windfall of $150,000? Some of our clients have used it to:

  • Expand their location
  • Hire new employees
  • Buy more supplies
  • Launch new products

Since there are no restrictions on how the ERC can be used, the possibilities are endless.

Click HERE to contact Adesso, let them know RBG referred you, but also don’t forget to become a member of RBG, if you are not one already.

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S&L Food Sales

Headquartered in Chico, California,  S&L Food Sales delivers to RBG customers in Northern California.  S&L’s delivery area expands North and South from Redding to Stockton, extending East and West from Eureka to Alturas in the North, and Ft. Bragg to the Sierra Foothills in the South. S&L believes that the partnership with RBG members goes beyond the initial sell and is excited to work with the members to find creative and exciting ways to grow their business and most importantly their bottom line. You will not only get a rep that cares about you and your business, but will also be excited to show you new things and keep you up-to-date on new products in stock.

From our beginning in 1972 S&L has understood the importance of quality performance. They have found that the best way to do business is through an honest relationship with the customer, quality products, and a dedication to getting the job done.

S&L understands customers expect quality products at a value that serve their needs. They do business with vendors who meet high criteria and refuse to accept anything that fails to meet their standards. S&L’s team handles every product with care at each stage leading up to delivery because quality matters to them.

Their dependability is largely based on the fact that they are passionate about the products and services offered. Valuing what they possess as a company is what drives their team to be the best they can be. S&L cares about solving problems and finding solutions to meet your needs.


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General Produce

Gen­eral Pro­duce is a third gen­er­a­tion, locally owned and oper­ated fresh pro­duce com­pany.

They dis­trib­ute and export fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles – local, organic, sus­tain­able, regional and glob­ally sourced.

General Produce drives it’s cus­tomers’ sales and prof­itabil­ity through exper­tise in prod­uct han­dling and appli­ca­tion, mer­chan­dis­ing, ads and pro­mo­tions, cat­e­gory man­age­ment, detailed data report­ing, menu plan­ning and cost con­trol.

Gen­eral Pro­duce dif­fer­en­ti­ates by truly deliv­er­ing “Extra­or­di­nary Ser­vice at the Speed of Fresh” every day of the year.

Though produce is their primary specialty, GP has expanded their product line into other areas, such as dairy, eggs, nuts, tortillas, juices and more. RBG‘s partnership General Produce is a great addition to the group and offering more options for our members is key to everyone’s success.

To become an RBG and partner with us and our approved distributors, please feel free to complete the contact us form and we will be happy to reach out to you and see if we make a good fit for your needs.

Close X Farmer Brothers offers an array of coffee lines including their high end Artisan and Metropolitan lines

Farmer Brothers Coffee

RBG believes in offering our members quality products and that is why we have also partnered with Farmer Brothers for all your coffee, tea and spice needs. At Farmer Brothers, they have developed a custom coffee and beverage plan just for you. Their products, equipment and restaurant coffee services are customized to meet your exact restaurant needs and specifications. Your local Farmer Brothers Service Technician is just a phone call away to provide support 24/7.

Farmer Brothers offer wholesale coffee products to appeal to all tastes, from our Artisan Collection™, featuring USDA Organic and Fair-Trade coffees, to our original Farmer Brothers coffee line. Our extensive coffee portfolio features classic and single-origin coffees and seasonal blends, alongside unique flavors like caramel macchiato and vanilla hazelnut. We also offer Artisan Cold Brew Coffee, using our innovative, convenient filter pack brewing method.

In addition to their coffee blends, teas and their allied product line they provide equipment. At Farmer Brothers they believe, equipment support doesn’t end with the install. Training your team and regularly checking to make sure your restaurant coffee service and tea service is the way it should be every time, ensures costumer satisfaction and repeat business- and decreases the potential for waste and breakdowns.


Farmer Brothers coffee distributor
Farmer Brothers offers an array of coffee lines including their high end Artisan and Metropolitan lines


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Franz Bakery

Franz Bakery, out of Portland, Oregon, knows what it takes to offer excellence and fresh product. Being in business for over 110 years, Franz has truly made their mark. You can find them in restaurants and in retail stores in Oregon and Northern California. Franz proudly delivers to Restaurant Buying Group members located from Yuba City, California up to our Southern Oregon members. They offer an arrange of quality products that include no high fructose corn syrup, gluten free, organics and so much more. Their products range from breads including flavored breads, bagels, rolls, English muffins, specialties, etc. One of their most popular growing products is the Seattle Sourdough which you can get through Franz direct or if you are outside of their delivery area, you can also obtain through our food distributor, ProPacific Fresh.

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Athens Bread Company

Athens Baking Company, for over 100 years, has been serving quality soft baked bread products with high standard customer service. Athens Baking provides an extensive line of wholesale and retail bread products and varieties to meet the needs of customers in the foodservice industry. Athens Baking will be available to deliver fresh bread products to RBG members from the Sacramento area, south.


Athens Bread Company

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Smart Alternative Fuels

Needing grease traps pumped and oil removal  is a high necessity for restaurant owners. As new partnering vendor for RBG, Smart Alternative Fuels currently services all territories that RBG reaches. Not only are they fair on pricing, but they are another vendor that RBG partners with that does not require a long term contract.


Used Cooking Oil Collection and Grease Trap Maintenance

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Gager Distributing

Serving the Northern California area, Gager Distributing offers quality customer service and cost saving machines & supplies. They continuously strive to provide our customers with exceptional quality detergents in both powder and liquid forms at a reasonable cost.

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Mission Protection Systems

RBG recommends to its members, who are interested in restaurant security systems, Mission Protection Systems. You are even able to view your restaurant live from your smart device.