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Becoming a member of Restaurant Buying Group, not only will you have access to our manufacturer programs through our partnering distributors, but you will also have access to our partners outside of food distribution. As RBG continues to grow, we continue to develop new relationships we feel benefit the everyday operations of a foodservice operator whether you are a restaurant, food truck, golf course, etc. Below you will find a list of some of our vendors. As a member, you can benefit from the collaborative efforts between RBG and these businesses to continue to offer the RBG members new savings. You can find out more about these partners by selecting their logo. If you have any questions about joining our GPO for Restaurants and other Foodservice Operators, please use the contact us link and we will be happy to get back with you.

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Adesso and RBG know there’s been so much noise out there about deadlines that it’s making business owners think they’re too late to file their Employer Retention Credit (ERC), costing them thousands of dollars in much-needed (and deserved!) funds. With all this confusion getting in the way of the facts, we wanted to reach out today and clear the air.   Our partners at Adesso have confirmed the filing period for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has been extended! So many of our members were told they were too late to get those critical funds back, but now you can!  

The filing period may have been extended, but that doesn’t mean it’s forever.

    Take this as a sign it’s time to get the money you’re owed from the federal government, even if you’ve already taken PPP loan funds. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll get your tax credit.    

“Okay, but how much of a tax credit are we talking about here? I’m not going to waste my time on $50.”

    It depends! The way we see it, you’ve got two options:   You could DIY it today and give it a go. Most businesses are eligible for $26,000 per W-2 employee. $26k isn’t too shabby.   OR   You could work with our partner Adesso Capital and their team of CPAs who are ERC experts. Their clients receive an average return of $150,000, 20% more than those who go at it alone or with a CPA who isn’t a specialist in the ERC.   (There’s also the third option of doing nothing at all, but why wouldn’t you give this a go? It’s money you’re already owed!)   What could your business do with a windfall of $150,000? Some of our clients have used it to:
  • Expand their location
  • Hire new employees
  • Buy more supplies
  • Launch new products
  Since there are no restrictions on how the ERC can be used, the possibilities are endless.   Click HERE to contact Adesso, let them know RBG referred you, but also don't forget to become a member of RBG, if you are not one already.
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Airgas Beverage CO2

AirGas Beverage CO2 program for RBG members offers no minimum shipping fees and a flat cylinder delivery charge. Operators use AirGas for fountain drinks (bulk or traditional cylinders) and dry ice. They have national service coverage available.  The Carbonation MicroBulk System eliminates costly run-outs as well as the physical hassle of changing cylinders. AirGas may provide carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors as a standard part of inside installation program at customer locations. Airgas Beverage CO2 Are you an RBG member who would like to take advantage of our AirGas Beverage CO2 program? Contact your rep today! If you're not an RBG member, join today and let us help you find new ways to save.
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Broaster with Taylor Freezers

RBG has become an authorized dealer for Taylor-Freezer equipment. What does this mean for you? Discounted prices on your restaurant equipment including soft serve machines, slush machines, shake machines,  frozen carbonated beverage machines, Broaster equipment (pressure fryers, heated display cases, deli cases, deli modules, holding cabinets, ventless countertop fryers) and other Broaster Accessories (rotisserie ovens, radiant broiler countertop cooking systems, shortening filter, oil caddy, soup warmers, refrigerators and freezers, Broaster convection oven along with other convection ovens, prep stations and extra crispy breader kit, utility tables, landing and dump tables, marinating tubs, easy breader, potato wedgers and onion slicer and accessory kits for your pressure fryer or ventless fryer). Contact us today to place your order and add to your RBG savings! Taylor Freezers One of the most sold items RBG has seen in it's member accounts is the Broaster pressure fryer. For more than 60 years, Broaster® Company has put smiles on the faces of chicken lovers worldwide. Often imitated, but never duplicated, their iconic Genuine Broaster Chicken® has that one-and-only taste that makes people ask for Broaster® by name. So no matter when you get that craving – at a restaurant, at a supermarket or in a convenience store – you can enjoy exceptional foods brought to you by the Broaster® Company. “IF IT’S NOT BROASTER®, IT’S NOT BROASTED®“ We have seen success story after success story with members offering Genuine Broaster Chicken in their establishments. RBG works hand in hand with our operators to ensure success by utilizing every method possible to promote Broaster Chicken. RBG and Taylor Freezer partnered together to offer operators a quality machine they can use that is not only reliable, but a healthier was to fry. Members can obtain Broaster products through our distribution partner ProPacific Fresh.   Taylor offers Broaster Machines, Soft Serve Machines and much more
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Chef Works Custom Uniforms with RBG

Chef Works custom uniforms with RBG. Uniforms for all your hospitality needs. Members benefit from one the foodservice industry's best discounts. Chef Works has an extensive line of uniform solutions for chefs, kitchen staff, servers and front of house operations. Proprietary uniform designs, color coordinated collections, and custom embroidery are available as well as extensive size solutions for every employee. Chef Works clients can expect a quick turn-around fulfillment. Chef Works is not your normal, routine uniform manufacturer. With beginnings that date back to the 1960’s, they've been an industry leader in the design, development and management of uniform and culinary apparel programs across the globe. Chef Works is committed to consistently delivering quality, service, value, and style to all customers and partners. We know how important uniform compliancy plays into customer brand perception. Customers keep us all in business. Chef Works and Restaurant Buying Group

Chef Works Capabilities

What uniform options are available? Glad you asked. Both front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) options for men and women that include: · Chef Coats · Pants · Aprons · Shirts · Headwear · Knives · Shoes   Chef Works Uniforms   Chef Works shipping partner is UPS. Chef Works uses ground shipping unless otherwise requested. Shipping transit times can vary depending on where you are located.
  • Non-Embroidered orders: Please allow 8-10 business days for fulfillment.
Please note if your order contains embroidery, alterations, or special requests you may experience the following fulfillment times:
  • Embroidery: Please allow 4-5 weeks.
  • Alterations: Please allow 15 business days.
  If you're interested in Chef Works custom uniforms, please contact RBG directly to see what discounts would be available for you and your business.  
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DIRECTV with RBG is available nationwide*, so you never have to settle for cable, and with 99% worry-free signal reliability (based on Nationwide Study of representative cities), you can always give your customers what they love. Attract all your local sports fans with DIRECTV and their sports package offerings. As an RBG member you can benefit from major discounts on the SUNDAY TICKET to keep your business packed while serving up great dishes. DIRECTV offers different sports packages throughout the year that keeps your business relevant and up-to-date with the games. If you don't have DIRECTV and are looking for a service provider, let RBG set you up with all your needs while also enjoying discounts. Sign up with RBG today! TV in Restaurant
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EcoLab Pest Elimination

EcoLab Pest Elimination & RBG helps you "win the fight against pests." You need a partner with the proven science-based expertise to help you protect your brand and maintain a safe, healthy, pest-free environment. Ecolab goes beyond pest control, putting their expertise to work every day to solve the industry’s most complex pest challenges. Through proactive people and innovative spirit, EcoLab protects you today, while advancing new and better solutions to protect you tomorrow. EcoLab Pest Elimination Solutions EcoLab Pest Elimination forges partnerships that empower you to win the fight against pests.
  • Consistent, reliable expertise and service
  • Customer care and technical support
  • Staff training on pest detection and prevention
EcoLab Pest Elimination continually advances the science of pest elimination and share our expert knowledge with you.
  • Proven, science-based protocols from our global RD&E Center
  • Industry leading educational resources
  • 140+ patents in pest technologies
EcoLab Pest Elimination takes a holistic and proactive approach with unwavering standards.
  • Highly trained Service Specialists
  • Targeted commercial programs to meet your unique needs
  • Guaranteed results for a pest-free environment
EcoLab Pest Elimination keeps you informed of pest issues so you can focus on your business.
  • On-site consultation
  • Pest insights offer actionable information at your fingertips
  • Emergency response
  • Service reporting
Pest control services are offered at a discounted rate to RBG Members. Includes standard pests (Cockroaches, Large Flies, Rodents) with optional programs for additional pests. Contact RBG today for more information on EcoLab Pest Elimination & RBG.
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Elite Merchant Solutions & RBG

Elite Merchant Solutions & RBG understand credit card processing is one of the larger expenses of running a restaurant. Working with a credit card processor who understands this and works to make sure you are successful is a must in a partnership. Our recommended merchant service provider will run a free analysis on your account to see what savings are available to you and your business. As a member, you will also receive the benefit of NO LONG-TERM PROCESSING CONTRACTS. Our partnership with our processor is based on a month-to-month agreement. They offer free loaner terminals for qualifying members, dedicated representative, cash discount/non-cash adjustment program to assist in offsetting processing fees, next day funding availability, ATM machines, gift cards, Point of Sale machines, cash advance, working capital loans and more. As mentioned above, new to the industry is a program called cash discount. We have seen many restaurants take a step in this direction and have been successful in doing so. The cash discount program allows operators to pass the merchant fees to the customers. Operators are not allowed to profit from this new program offered, but it does offset some one of the larger expenses' restaurant owners face. We have seen similar programs in gas stations for years and have now seen it launched in bars and restaurants across the nation.  Both RBG and our processor are here to provide information and training on this program and find it to be one of the most important segments of credit card processing industry in years. RBG's recommended processor is a nationwide merchant service provider sponsored by the most powerful financial institutions in the United States. Through these important relationships and our award-winning customer service, this credit card processor has positioned itself as one of the top merchant service providers in the country. Elite They are a company founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and reliability. Since their inception, they have experienced an industry low merchant attrition rate directly attributed to their dedication to provide the lowest rates and fees along with unparalleled customer service. Their corporate office is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with other full-service offices in Michigan, New Jersey, and New York, and several satellite offices around the nation to assist merchants. They are fully licensed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. RBG's recommended credit card processor has held an A+ rating with the BBB since its inception in 2002 and has been awarded numerous awards including the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies four years in a row.

Become an RBG member today and benefit from Elite Merchant Solutions & RBG for your credit card processing needs!

Elite Merchant Solutions & RBG
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Grainger Foodservice Supplies

As a leading business-to-business organization, millions of customers rely on Grainger foodservice supplies for products in categories such as safety, paper products & dispensers, lighting, food service concession equipment, food service tableware/bar/buffet, along with services like inventory management and technical support. Grainger will get it done with more than 1.5 million quality in-stock products, a consultative sales approach, technical and product expertise, a premium digital experience, and the ability to get complete orders to customers quickly to help keep their operations running and their people safe.

Foodservice Supplies Grainger

Grainger's furniture, hospitality, and food-service equipment are used by restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses. Indoor and outdoor furniture create a welcome environment and provide a place for guests and employees to sit, relax, eat, or sleep. Cookware, food-service furniture, and other food-service equipment and supplies are used in kitchens, cafeterias, breakrooms, restaurants, and other places where meals are prepared and enjoyed. Grainger's foodservice supplies such as cookware, appliances, and serving utensils are used in commercial kitchens to prepare and serve dishes. Food processing equipment is used to sort, move, and package food products in industrial food processing facilities. Food service apparel helps to protect workers from splashes during food handling tasks. Concession equipment prepares and warms foods such as hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy for public or private events. Tableware such as plates, bowls, knives, and forks can be reused in restaurant settings, while disposable containers allow kitchens to fulfill carry-out orders. Grainger RBG is proud to promote Grainger's foodservice supplies to members as another avenue to procure products for their establishments.
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Hobart Service is the leading provider of food equipment service nationwide, deviated pricing available through RBG's partnership. 125 locations and 1,500 factory-trained service technicians across the US and Canada. As the OEM service provider for Hobart and the entire line of ITW Food Equipment Group brands, Hobart parts distribution network provides technicians with direct access to all our OEM parts, including over 40,000 SKUs in stock and ready for next-day delivery. Hobart & RBG  

Sign up to become an RBG member today!

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Office Depot Program

Office Depot offers business services, office supplies, printing and technology solutions. They operate 1,400 stores, have an online presence and have dedicated sales professionals and technicians. Need to update your office, Office Depot is there to help with filing cabinets, sleek and stylish chairs, shelving and all your staple items. Office Depot RBG Program Savings RBG members benefit from cost savings off list price on core list items PLUS very aggressive pricing on thousands of catalog office supplies with our Office Depot program. Contact your RBG representative today to add to your savings!
Close X Insurance Workers Compensation and General Liability

Omega Pacific Insurance

RBG is not an insurance agent nor a broker, but is pleased to recommend to members a great company with a great reputation. Omega Pacific Insurance care about the customer needs and go in depth on all the insurance needs of your business and even your personal if you choose. They are very detailed in any and all exposures that you can face and work with all types policies. As a customer of Omega Pacific Insurance, you will gain many benefits including a human resource tool in their HR360 program. There are so many more benefits, we can't list them all here. Ask your RBG contact to put you in touch today with our dedicated Omega Pacific Insurance representative and see what additional savings are out there for you today.

HR360 offers human resources to employers such as employee handbook creations

Omega Pacific Insurance Solutions takes pride in covering the assets of a variety of commercial businesses. They take their role seriously in making sure your assets are covered. Omega Pacific Insurance Solutions is proud to represent over 50 different Insurance companies and programs to help find you the correct coverage’s at a competitive premium. They don’t want to be in your way from growing and continuing the success of your business. As your Risk Manager Omega will deliver: • Risk management services • Assist in safety training • Timely certificates of insurance • Weekly communication on open insurance claims • Timely renewal process • OSHA compliance Insurance Programs we offer *Property *Liability In addition to your typical business insurance needs, the most important asset to your business is your employees. Omega Pacific Insurance Solution recognizes the importance of employees and offering them complete benefits. They will work with you to structure a benefits package that will keep you competitive in your industry and keep your employees protected. What Omega does as your agency  • Design a benefit package to fit your needs • Communicate benefits to your employees • Timely claims resolution • Research the marketplace for the latest trends that may help your employee benefits package Programs they offer • Medical Insurance • Dental Insurance • Vision Insurance • Life Insurance • Long Term Care • Short & Long Term Disability • Accident Benefits • Mini-Medical Health Plans • Supplemental Employee Benefits • Employee Legal Plans

Workers Compensation and General Liability

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For more than 50 years, as tastes, trends and lifestyles have changed, PepsiCo has evolved with them. Their willingness to adapt and grow has transformed our snack and soda company into a collection of global brands including Pepsi and Quaker, Gatorade and Tropicana, Frito-Lay and beyond. Today, PepsiCo is one of the world’s most-respected companies with products sold in more than 200 countries and territories and 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales. As an RBG member you will receive National Pricing on Pepsi Co. products. In addition to receiving national pricing, you will also benefit from annual rebate paid back directly to you, the operator. Lastly, you will receive the lowest tier pricing on all bottle and can products. Exclusions apply. Whether you are an RBG member or not, RBG always recommends operators take advantage of the Pepsi Rewards Program. This tracks all your purchases and you earn point to redeem rewards from their website.  

PepsiCo offers soda beverages both fountain and bottled products

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Skechers Program with RBG

An American footwear company, Skechers program with RBG offers safety for the workplace with their slip resistant work shoes at the same time keeping a high level of comfort in place. With over 4000 stores worldwide, Skechers continues to expand their brand and styles. There is quite a selection to choose from to meet you and your staff's needs. RBG's Skechers program allows restaurant owners and their staff to buy Skechers shoes at discounted rate, either online at Skechers Direct with an access code or in any Skechers Direct store showing the flyer. Contact RBG today to find out how to take advantage of the Skechers program with RBG. Skechers Work Footwear with RBG