About RBG

Restaurant Buying Group is a group purchasing organization (GPO) who aspire to help independent foodservice operators lower their costs and increase their profits. We have become more than just a group for restaurants.  Our program has become so diverse, we are able to work with many different types of foodservice operators in the industry.  As operators continue to see food costs rise as well as all other costs associated with running a business, GPO’s have become a must in our industry.  Our journey and partnership with our members have guided us towards a stronger commitment to our members and establish our vision, mission and value as a company.

Our Mission

Restaurant Buying Group, a group purchasing organization (GPO) for independent foodservice operators, strives to help independent food operators save on all aspects of their business and to utilize a group purchasing power to compete with chains.

Our Vision

To develop a trust with our members in which they will utilize all aspects of the GPO for their business needs, questions, and guidance.  This trust will lead them to work with their RBG Account Executive on a regular basis while allowing Restaurant Buying Group to facilitate all programs available to reach maximum profit.

Our Values

Restaurant Buying Group applies both our mission and vision statements by working with independent food operators to save on items used by an operator on a daily basis.  This can include food, paper products, credit card processing, general liability, workers compensation, beverage products, grease traps, equipment and so much more.  As RBG grows as a group purchasing organization (GPO), we continue to find new ways to grow the value-added segment of our company to offer the independent food operators more ways to save.  We value our partnership and trust of our members and will work hand in hand with them on all their operational needs.  Our RBG team is comprised of individuals who have experience is areas surrounding the food industry and it is our goal to use these years of experience to help others develop and grow their business to be as successful as possible.

Our Team

John Castaldo

Restaurant Buying Group was started in Northern California by John Castaldo, a 40+ year veteran in multi-unit restaurant operations throughout the United States. John saw the need for smaller, independent food operators to band together to be able to get contracts for lower prices. John still operates two of his own restaurants, while helping other restaurant owners like him succeed and save.

Angela Mullins

Angela Mullins, Vice President of RBG, serves as the liaison for RBG operations. Angela handles all of the accounting for the members. She also maintains all the pricing contracts and continues to negotiate new ones, creates our monthly newsletters, maintains the RBG website and makes sure members have the latest information from RBG’s distribution and benefit partners.

Oscar Hernandez

Oscar Hernandez joined the RBG team in July of 2020. He comes from a background of working in restaurants as well as working for food distribution. With the experience of working in both of these fields, Oscar has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the foodservice industry. Oscar’s professionalism as well as desire to do what is necessary to help a customer in any way possible really creates a bond and trust between him and the operators. He strives to do whatever he cans to help and makes sure operators are aware of all savings and programs RBG offers. Oscar has great listening, speaking and communication skills and being bilingual has given him the ability to communicate with the Hispanic operators. Staying up-to-date with market trends as well as industry insights is something Oscar is eager to share with the RBG members to help them be as successful and profitable as possible.